Manhattan Beach, 
Investment type:
(Class B Common Stock)
Target raise:
 - $1,070,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Nov 02, 2021
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$54 Billion global market opportunity – a fast growing gaming industry with a 13.4% projected CAGR through 2023. Not to mention in 2019, the consumer video game spend was 3x the size of the entire global box office, at $120 billion. We already have over 116,000 users, using multi-platform integration across Mobile (iOS + Android), Desktop, and Twitch, and partnerships with Twitch, Alienware, Fullscreen Media, and Blerp, resulting in above-average gaming industry retention rates. Key early investors & advisors include: Dan Offner (Oculus VR Exit to Facebook), Erik Huberman (CEO Hawke Media, Forbes 30 under 30), Scott Taylor (Move.com Exit to Monster), Jimi Gecelter (CEO ZenGaming) Michael Chua (COO Arrowiz Entertainment)

Our Story

We are one of the first true gamer social communities, and our mission is to unite the global gaming community with the largest industry-specific social platform ever created. We connect the world’s 2.7 billion gamers with each other through a lifetime digital gamer identity and a social community where they meet, connect, build, improve, and grow together.
Our Ambition

Our vision is to unite the global gaming community and exit within the next 2-5 years to another gaming or social media company.