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Forecasting earthquakes days to weeks before they occur
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Apr 17, 2021
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<p>Successfully forecasted over 50 seismic events in five different countries.</p>

<p>Awarded a joint contract from the US and UK defense departments as a result of winning their International Space Pitch Day event. precursor is finalizing agreements to deploy and operate its Earthquake Forecasting System in seismically active regions of North America. </p>

<p>Addressing the global challenge of disaster preparedness. Each year, hundreds of millions of people and several billions of dollars are impacted by earthquakes.  </p>

<p>Singularity University chose precursor as the winner of the Grand Challenge: ‘Disaster Resilience’ with the ability to impact over a billion people. To do so, precursor is engaged with leading innovators in (re)insurance, technology and emergency management from the private sector and government.   </p>

<p>Led by a unique, multi-disciplinary team that is purpose-built to deliver capabilities to meet the challenges of commercial earthquake forecasting.    </p>