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precursor SPC

Forecasting earthquakes days to weeks before they occur
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Apr 17, 2021
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Successfully forecasted over 50 seismic events in five different countries.

Awarded a joint contract from the US and UK defense departments as a result of winning their International Space Pitch Day event. precursor is finalizing agreements to deploy and operate its Earthquake Forecasting System in seismically active regions of North America.

Addressing the global challenge of disaster preparedness. Each year, hundreds of millions of people and several billions of dollars are impacted by earthquakes. 

Singularity University chose precursor as the winner of the Grand Challenge: “Disaster Resilience” with the ability to impact over a billion people. To do so, precursor is engaged with leading innovators in (re)insurance, technology and emergency management from the private sector and government.  

Led by a unique, multi-disciplinary team that is purpose-built to deliver capabilities to meet the challenges of commercial earthquake forecasting.