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PowerBuy on NetCapital
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Helping e-Commerce merchants earn more through a new, innovative & interactive checkout flow
Investment type:
(Common Stock)
Target raise:
 - $1,000,501
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Mar 01, 2022
Imagine winning only 1% of the time. Would you keep the status quo? It sounds ridiculous to say yes; however, that’s what many e-Commerce brands continue to resort to because there is no alternative to the Buy Now or Add To Cart buttons for their online checkout since the 90s.That’s why we built PowerBuy. We’re a new, innovative and interactive e-Commerce checkout solution. Rather than traditional static checkouts like Buy Now & Add To Cart that are meant for a single shopper and single product, we invite shoppers to a fun & interactive checkout experience that rewards them when they check out with friends or buy multiple products, which in turn gives merchants more orders & efficiency. All of this is made possible through our patented (#10,929,873) PowerBuy checkout flow. We believe it’s time that e-Commerce becomes fun and starts rewarding shoppers for their influence and purchasing power.
Our Story

E-commerce brands spend countless hours sourcing quality products, building websites to display those products, and finding ways to deliver those products to shoppers. In addition, after they spend thousands of dollars attracting shoppers to their site, unfortunately they may only see 1% of those shoppers turn into customers. The main culprit for the lack of transactions, the checkout flow, hasn’t been updated since the 90’s. Current e-Commerce checkout flows:Are old, static, non-social, non-interactiveConvert at about 1% on avgSee customers abandon their carts 75% of the timeCustomers are given no incentive to shareNew customers are not encouraged to joinWhy does this happen?It’s just what businesses use and are used to, they aren’t aware of any other options.
Our Ambition

PowerBuy’s patented (#10,929,873) checkout allows shoppers to experience a fun, innovative and interactive checkout experience that incorporates Group Buy, Multi-SKU, Gamification and Social Sharing, where they are presented with quantity based discounts which can be achieved individually or with friends.