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Posey Letterpress
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Posey Letterpress, LLC

Madelyn: "This funding helps a lady printer open her own brick and mortar letterpress print shop."
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Dec 25, 2022
Posey Letterpress, LLC is a letterpress printing company in the South Wedge Neighborhood of Rochester, New York. I create custom letterpress wedding invitations, personal stationery, memorial cards, and more. I am currently printing out of a community arts center, but I have purchased and remodeled an abandoned building on Mt. Hope Avenue. I saw the need for a boutique space where brides and clients could come in, sit down, touch and feel the paper and see my five antique presses. I am a woman working in a previously heavily dominated male profession, but women printers are coming out and learning the trade! I am a self-taught graphic designer and have learned how to print through trial and error. I retired as an ICU nurse in 2016 and have two sons.