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PopCultivator Comics

Own a new comic book studio & piece of our creations. From a team with over $150MM in sales
Investment type:
(Priced Round)
Target raise:
 - $749,999
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Jan 14, 2021
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  • We have worked with over 100 properties including Dog Man, Ninja Turtles, South Park, Muppets
  • We have worked with Marvel, Scholastic, Hasbro, DC, Image Comics, and more
  • We’re a team of pop culture entrepreneurs from comics, toys, film, and collectibles
Our Story

We create original comic book characters and stories and develop them into successful series, toys, and products. We're a team of entrepreneurs who built everything from the ground up, and are ready to build a whole new kind of company with the power of fan-based crowdfunding. We have the visions. We have the publishing pipelines. We have the licensing experience. We know how to make sure things ship.
Our Ambition

One of the top producers of original comic book content in the country with licensed merchandise, film and television projects and a vast and deep bench of beloved characters, comic book sales, and special editions.