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Phoenix Dawn
LGBTQIA+People of ColorWomen

Phoenix Dawn, LLC

Aimee: "This funding helps a women-owned business purchase inventory and a new 3D printer to create our own products."
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End date:
Feb 27, 2023
Our business serves the spiritual/neo-pagan community essentially. We are a mixed retail and services business. Our services range from weddings and handfastings to memorials for dearly loved people and pets. We also offer classes on more popular topics, like oils, general protection spells, and sigils, as well as Reiki classes and attunements in 12 kinds of energy healing. We are passionate about conserving our Great Mother Earth, so we strive to reduce our footprint and seek to repurpose or reuse as many materials as possible. Our business is currently focused online for booking items (weddings, faerie parties, etc.). We do have inventory that we are working on uploading to the website for retail. Typically, we vend at events to put our names out and advertise. My husband and my other partner Jasmine started the business. We began our venture in the spring of 2022 after much contemplation and discussion with my partner. We pursued this business because of what it means to and will do for our local pagan community.