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Pecku Anchored Agency

Nicole: "This funding helps a black woman-owned business obtain new equipment and grow my small business."
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Aug 26, 2022
Pecku Anchored Agency was established in 2021 as a Wisconsin-based LLC with Nicole Pecku, myself, as a woman small business owner. My agency provides top-notch quality care to each resident entrusted to our care. The company's vision is to build strong, trustworthy relationships among our residents and employees while developing a stellar reputation in the caregiving industry. My desire to pursue my dream was due to the frustrations that I've experienced after seeking retirement living options for an elderly parent. After viewing numerous facilities, it became apparent that very few could be considered substitutes for respite care and/or adult family home living sought after by many prospective residents. I provided a solution to a respite care home-based facility that provides day and night programming services for emergency and non-emergency adults over the age of 18 and up to age 85. Pecku Anchored Agency has marketed these supportive services to essential workers such as caregivers, law enforcement, hospitals or emergency clinics, and crisis centers that may have reached capacity for housing in emergency situations. Anyone in crisis or who may need a break is a potential client for our services and would benefit from Pecku Anchored AFH & Respite Services. Our agency will also offer peer support and crisis intervention seven days a week. Our staff will provide access to essential resources to help support and stabilize the needs of the individual. From 2015 to 2020, the number of family caregivers in the USA increased by nearly 10 million people, jumping from 43.5 million to 53 million. That number represents more than one in five Americans who are caregivers to a loved one. I want to be the solution to that issue of lack of support.