Parallel Flight Technologies

Parallel Flight Technologies

Saving lives, property, and the environment
La Selva Beach, 
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End date:
Jun 29, 2021

  • US-made drone technology with 1.7M raised already through grants, private investment, and Reg CF.
  • CEO was the Tesla Semi Truck lead electrical engineer. Strong technical founding team.
  • Partnership with NASA and NSF (National Science Foundation). Received SBIR grant. Proprietary tech.
  • Carries heavy loads for 10x the duration of competitive systems.
We’ve created patent-pending drone technology that will allow drones to carry heavy payloads for over two hours. This will make it ideal for use in fighting wildfires, search and rescue, and logistics missions. Our unmanned, autonomous aircraft open new possibilities for the safety of first responders and many other commercial applications.
Our Ambition

In three years, our goal is to be the premier supplier of heavy-lift unmanned systems for heavy-lift public safety applications, such as firefighting and search-and-rescue. We will also have pilot programs underway for adjacent markets such as ship-to-shore, remote logistics, and agriculture. In the future we plan on scaling our technology for the Urban Air Mobility market for applications such as air ambulances.