Green Tech

Pacific Integrated Energy

Next-generation solar technology
San Diego, 
Investment type:
(Common Stock)
Target raise:
 - $3,938,288
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Nov 24, 2021

Transformational Technology – PI Energy’s solar technology is ultra-flexible, durable, non-toxic, and lightweight, so that it can be installed at a low cost on almost any surface. Expanding Market – Our technology can greatly expand the current multi-billion dollar solar module market and put clean energy on a far faster growth path. Great Team – Our team includes technology, innovation, and industry experts with decades of unique work experience.

Our Story

To make solar energy far more practical and competitive, PI Energy is developing a next-generation of solar photovoltaic (PV) materials. Our novel materials are thin and flexible solar nanofilms, which enable solar PV with a low installed-cost, that is safe, and can be applied on almost any surface. These combined advantages open vast new untapped markets for clean energy.
Our Ambition

We want to help bring about a future that is clean and globally sustainable. We envision PV on most external surfaces for residential, commercial, and industrial markets, and wrapping electric cars & buses, mobile devices, and more. Over the next decade, we intend to reshape the path of renewable energy globally and bring clean energy within the reach of almost every region and market. While the sun provides ample energy that could meet all human energy needs, we need to manage the variation of sunlight due to night/day cycles and cloud cover. Initially, during the first years of commercialization, we expect that PI Energy’s technology will reduce the consumption of traditional energy generation. Over the longer term, to manage the variability of sunlight for fixed installations (e.g., building-integrated PV) and for electric vehicles, we need to look at two complementary solutions:  energy storage and thermal conversion energy technology.  PI Energy plans to expand its solar energy product across multiple markets. We plan to sell into our own high-end production capability that will service the high-margin markets. To expand internationally, we plan to utilize regional partners, which can provide funding for regional production and commercialization, and/or partner with distribution and sales channels. Using this model, we expect revenues will be more resilient because they are based on multiple markets, both traditional fixed installations and also consumer products. Our target customers will be in several markets, and we plan to establish multiple sales channels into OEMs, as well as partnerships with direct suppliers to solar installers.