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OSM Shield

High-performance fabric finishes that are safe for people and the planet....
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Target raise:
 - $1,070,000
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End date:
Apr 13, 2022
Our Story

OSM Shield is clean technology - taking an environmentally sustainable approach to applying high-performance fabric finishes to textiles. We collaborate with consumer and commercial brands to develop specific performance features for their products. These performance features include repellency, stain resistance, stain release, moisture management, and antimicrobial properties. OSM Shield currently serves brands and fabric mills in 20 countries around the globe.
Our Ambition

Given the dominance of heavy metal antimicrobials in the marketplace, and the associated environmental scrutiny, OSM Shield recognized the opportunity to deliver more environmentally responsible, cost-conscious, and efficacious antimicrobial solutions.V-Shield is a breakthrough antimicrobial technology that fights bacteria using Hydrogen Peroxide, a natural antimicrobial proven to be highly effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. V-Shield replicates the same natural defense mechanisms as the human body to protect itself against pathogens. V-Shield’s unmatched anti-odor, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal capabilities not only result in fresher fabrics, but also less laundering cycles and water consumption. Your browser does not support HTML5 video. V-Shield is also unique in its ability to naturally recharge. When exposed to hydrogen peroxide-based (OxiClean) cleaning solutions during laundering it is able to scavenge and store those components and ultimately extend its already unmatched durability.  Hydrogen Peroxide is both naturally abundant and environmentally friendly. In fact, when hydrogen peroxide enters the environment, it breaks down into oxygen and water. There is a movement away from heavy-metal based antimicrobials and V-Shield is the perfect solution to fill that void. Zero is an industry changing proprietary platform of durable stain and water repellent chemistry, delivering all of the performance of the chemicals currently used today without any of the negative environmental impact. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.*Above graphic shows prototype technology that is not yet available to the general market. ZERO has the same clean chemistry characteristics as non-fluorinated alternatives with far superior performance including oil, stain and water-repellency. This way, consumers will no longer have to worry about spills, sweat stains, and color degradation ever again.  Your browser does not support HTML5 video.*Above graphic shows prototype technology that is not yet available to the general market. We’ve created an entirely new molecular structure that does not function on the toxic fluorocarbon sidechains that current chemical platforms have used for the last 40 plus years. ZERO is not based on perfluoroalkyl compounds known to be associated with toxicity, persistence, and bioaccumulation. Zero provides all the performance consumers expect without the negative environmental impact.