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Off the Rails

Barbeque and Draft House
Investment type:
(Interest bearing)
Target raise:
 - $36,700
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Dec 17, 2019
Given the success of our food truck––known as the Oakmont Barbeque Company––we've decided to open a brick and mortar named Off the Rails Barbeque and Draft House. In our new location, we will continue to stay true to the Southern tradition of only serving BBQ fresh off the smoker. We are producing some of the best barbeque in the Pittsburgh and surrounding area.We partner with local breweries year-round and participate in many regional community festivals. We also cater parties and weddings with or without the food truck depending on the experience the customer is looking for.
Our Story

About Off the Rails While starting out as a family run mobile business, our sights were always set on having a place of our own. We were officially established in February of 2016 but did not receive delivery of our food truck until late August. As we were awaiting delivery of the truck, we were permitted by Allegheny County Health Department to operate out of rented commercial kitchen space (from a local Moose Lodge) with a catering license. This allowed us to set up at local breweries and a few summer festivals. We went into the Spring of 2017 with a full schedule. This was the result of networking with other established food trucks in the area. We quickly realized that we could no longer operate efficiently out of our existing commissary and began looking for a new space. We found out from some mutual contacts that Pittsburgh Pickle Company had just purchased a large building and may be looking for some tenants. After some email correspondence and a few conversions, we came to an agreement. The use of their facilities has allowed the business to grow to where we are today and has established a great friendship.In the spring of this year we finalized the purchase of a property located at 549 Allegheny River Blvd in Verona, Pennsylvania. Plans are to transform the property into a barbeque restaurant. With the location change and transition from food truck to brick and mortar, the restaurant will be named “Off the Rails,” which is a play on Verona’s railroad history, and the food truck’s leap ‘off the rails’ into a permanent space. We feel the new location is absolutely perfect. It provides a perfect atmosphere for a BBQ restaurant and is located on a major Thorofare in the thriving community of Verona. We will soon have two local breweries and a cider house within a stone’s throw from us (what goes better together than beer and great barbeque?) and there are plans for a bike trail connecting all of the neighboring communities.