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Invest in Objective Reality Inc. on Wefunder

Objective Reality Inc.

The VR arcade of the cloud, powered by a leading crypto. Social, game, and shop
Investment type:
Target raise:
 - $250,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Sep 10, 2022

  • Unlimited Gaming Power Without The Expensive Hardware
  • 100s Of New High Quality VR Titles Without The Need To Download Or Purchase
  • Tournaments, Competitions, And Weekly Challenges
  • Exclusive Partnership With EverGrow Coin Offering A Robust In-World Economy
Our Story

As a successful VR arcade in operation since 2019, we pride ourselves on offering the latest high-quality VR content to our customers. However, just as important is the gaming community we create. Tournaments, competitions, prizes, and friendship. All things that you cannot get at-home gaming alone, until now. Coming off our latest VR game, The Deed Of Deception, we've created the VR arcade in the cloud. One world in the cloud where gaming, social spaces, shopping, and tournaments are possible
Our Ambition

As internet connectivity increases around the globe, we plan to bring the VR arcade experience to any home in the world. Through our exclusive partnership with EverGrow Coin, creating one of the first virtual spaces designed from the ground up around blockchain and web3. We are currently in negotiations to bring our own stand alone VR headset to market in Q1 2023 to rival competitors in the market. Bringing the upfront cost down significantly by structuring a repayment into the service plan.