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nTrada Apparel

Pejmon & Steven: "This funding helps 2 guys who love nature, replace the trees they use in their lifetime & gives others the same chance."
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Nov 24, 2022
What if you could replenish the 546 trees we each use in a lifetime? This is the idea behind nTrada Apparel. Our mission is to provide the outdoor lifestyle market with products made with recycled/sustainable materials and provide an apparel-buying experience that eco-conscious individuals can trust and enjoy. For every single sale that we make, we will be donating to an organization that is planting trees across the globe. We are both determined and passionate individuals. Out in nature, in our personal lives, and even in our careers, we see challenges as an opportunity for an expedition into the unknown! This is where we got the name: nTrada (Entrada)- "An expedition or journey into unexplored territory" Our vision is to be a positive influence on the earth and the outdoor community by creating an eco-friendly brand that will encourage people to journey into unexplored territories in their life, get out of their comfort zone, and give back to the earth and those around us. Our business will be based out of Denver, Colorado with primarily online sales. Our plan will be to expand into local retailers and other e-commerce sites. We plan to support sales with strong social media advertisements and in-person events/marketing to grow and spread our mission. Follow us on Instagram here: