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No Place Like Home Real Estate, LLC

Sharon: "This funding helps a boutique real estate obtain needed equipment that will help compete with huge box chains in NYC."
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Sep 26, 2022
My company is No Place Like Home Real Estate, LLC. I named my company because having good quality, safe and secure living conditions is primary to the human condition. At the age of 10, the apartment building where my family lived burned down in the middle of the night. Thankfully, everyone got out, and no one was seriously hurt. After the fire, my mother and her eight children lived in a two-bedroom hotel room for almost a year because it was hard to convince landlords to rent to such a large group—especially one with a welfare budget. The duplex apartment where we eventually moved to was subpar and inadequate. My Mom and older siblings put a lot of sweat equity into that place to make it a decent, safe place to live. I believe that all people deserve good quality, safe and secure housing regardless of their position. As a Real Estate Broker, I treat everyone in such a way that they maintain their pride and dignity. I only work with homeowners that provide high-quality housing for all tenants I place. When presiding over a sale, I ensure that relevant disclosures are disclosed and understood by all involved. I love serving the community. It’s a privilege to have folks trust me to assist in one of the most important decisions there is physical security.