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Nicole Comis Coaching on Honeycomb
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Nicole Comis Coaching

Nicole is investing in marketing to grow her life coaching business!
Investment type:
( )
Target raise:
 - $124,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Mar 24, 2023
Nicole Comis Coaching has a holistic approach to coaching. Nicole works with business owners and driven professionals to achieve their big careers while creating more balance in their personal lives. Her various coaching programs strive to show clients that they can have it all: successful careers, fulfilling personal lives, healthy bodies, powerful mindsets, and amazing confidence.  Nicole has invested years in coaching education and has completed a number of certifications to become a highly qualified and experienced coach. Her background includes professional coaching programs, behavioral and communication studies, as well as hypnotherapy so that she may support clients at an even deeper level. In addition to her experience, skill, and knowledge, Nicole Comis prides herself and her programs on being relatable and fun.