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Needfire Candle Co

Needfire is majority queer non-binary/femme owned and operated.
Investment type:
(11.75% 60 months)
Target raise:
 - $100,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Jul 11, 2022
Minta and Timothy are growing their candle company! Needfire Candle Co is a candle manufacturing and design brand committed to ethical consumption and transparency within the candle industry. It exists as the primary brand within Needfire LLC, a manufacturer and retailer of candles, artisan goods, and ritual products.Needfire operates as a brick and mortar retail operation, wholesale candle manufacturing company, and ecommerce source for ethically produced and sustainably sourced candles. We offer a modern contemporary design with evidence of hand and sustainable focus.Ethical sourcing is on everyone’s minds - however, few realize how heavy an impact everyday products have on our environment. US retail candle sales are estimated at $3.14 billion annually, and over 1 billion pounds of wax are used in producing candles each year. However, the industry has very little regulation - the majority of the wax material used contributes to deforestation, destruction of native pollinator populations, and relocation of indigenous peoples. Inexpensive candles are often made with toxic materials, such as wicks containing heavy metals and petroleum based waxes such as paraffin.Our vision is to open up a conversation about the industry, and sell a product that is transparent about sourcing both wholesale and direct to the consumer. Our candles are fun and pop inspired, with the integrity of a farm stand candle.Needfire has a number of exciting products that we are actively fundraising for, each one supporting the other. First and foremost, we are focused on creating a beautiful and interactive showroom where visitors, locals, and Portland tourists can become immersed in our designed spaces. Everything will be created to inspire, with an eye for design, and customers will be able to purchase directly from the showroom floor, or order products to be shipped to them at a later date. Creating a strong aesthetic experience is in line with the modern retail trends, and putting energy into making an engaging and interactive space with lightable candles, areas to sit, and a variety of home goods and contemporary ritual goods will allow us to stand out in downtown Portland. In addition, the majority of the rest of our fundraising will be used towards product design, development and execution. We currently have several projects we are developing, including Glamour Magick kits to diversify into cosmetics, stearic wax candles for a more eco friendly product, and our high end ceramic Christmas collection. All of these products will be available for wholesale and retail, and by continuing to expand our offerings, we will be able to firmly set ourselves apart from other competition in the wholesale and retail arena.
Our Ambition

In our new space, we want to create a candle experience. The primary reason that candles do not burn the way they should tends to have to do with candle care. We understand that retail needs to be an experience, and so we intend to split our new location between workshop and showroom. Our showroom will have a variety of home goods, inspired by contemporary design and magic, with an emphasis on how candles elevate the experience of one's home. We will use $9,000 of the funds to stock new inventory from the US, Canada, Europe and the UK with a strong and inspirational design aesthetic. We've been looking in the Portland Old Port, have identified a space, and are currently negotiating with the intention of moving to a high foot traffic area. With an understanding that foot traffic volume will be up in this new location, we know our stock needs will be higher, and this budget will include our materials for candles. The new space we will be moving into is beautiful, and it needs some love to become a true and lasting home for Needfire. We intend to redo the carpeted floors, replace the drop ceiling tiles with a higher quality aesthetic and invest in furniture pieces to pull the display together. We want Needfire to be an experience, and will encourage guests to light our candles, and see the quality of the burn in our modern space. We will utilize $10,000 to complete this project, from the light renovations to the fixture investments. Behind our showroom, guests will be able to see our active and thriving candle workshop. We will invest in new workshop tables, splash guards, supportive flooring, and new wax melters. We intend to utilize $4,000 towards these upgrades. We are in the process of beginning a new project with Boston based designer, Dan Pecci. Our focus is a contemporary aesthetic skincare line focused on the art of Glamour Magick - putting intention into ones daily skincare and cosmetic routines. This project is in early design stages, with a goal of launching by August. We would dedicate $7,500 toward bringing this project to fruition. Needfire's most passionate purpose is designing candles that have little to no impact on the environment. From our hunt for the perfect wax, we have found that Stearic Acid, a wax derived from beef tallow, is the most eco friendly option. It is entirely sourced from the leftover pieces of the meat industry, and has no direct impact on the environment. Currently the only candles using this wax are produced and sold in Sweden, and we believe it is time for the US to learn more about this fantastic option. We intend to spend $8,000 on product development, materials, and marketing. We have an understanding that marketing will be key, as the US market is less familiar with animal fat based candles. We are in the process of growing our Ecommerce business, particularly our candle subscription boxes. We intend to put $5,000 towards online google and meta marketing campaigns, in an effort to drive and boost traffic to our ecommerce platform. We will be designing and launching our holiday products for our wholesale market bey late August. It is our intention to being to delve into creative and interesting candles using hand made ceramics, as a higher end offering. We will also develop additional styles for our Wanderlust Lantern collection. We will spend $6,000 on product development and materials.