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Green Tech

NearStar Fusion

Resilient Clean Energy
Investment type:
Target raise:
 - $1,070,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Apr 29, 2022
Our Story

NearStar Fusion Inc. is working to develop a commercial fusion power plant design by 2032, building on years of successful fusion research, to create a limitless supply of clean energy for the planet. Our experienced team of physicists and engineers are developing a new, less expensive approach to fusion we call Hypervelocity Gradient Field Fusion (HGFF), which is based in part on the fusion propulsion concept described in a 2018 NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Phase 1 Final Report*. Our ultimate goal is to replace all fossil fuel power plants globally and provide the entire planet with limitless, always-on clean energy.
Our Ambition

Fusion energy has long been promised as the ultimate, unlimited clean energy technology for the planet. However, reliably forming and controlling plasma to drive a successful fusion reaction is difficult and expensive. Plasma is the critical component of a fusion power plant, but a burning fusion plasma is extremely difficult to produce, maintain, and safely control in a steady state. It is a complex startup process that also requires high parasitic power requirements. *The image above is an example of prototype experimental plasma hardware we have previously developed for other fusion R&D projects. The HGFF fusion power plant concept is currently under development.