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People of Color

Moonshot Junior

Democratizing futuristic tech-entrepreneurship education for kids in 9 countries
San Jose, 
Investment type:
Target raise:
 - $1,070,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Apr 01, 2021

  • Global footprint in 9 countries (SaaS program)
  • Several of our customers invested in us
  • The founding team built multiple successful businesses in Silicon Valley and more.
Our Story

Moonshot Jr is redefining the way young minds learn, absorb knowledge, and apply the same. Our goal is to equip every inquisitive kid capable of innovating or leading a change with the right set of knowledge and tools. Through our patent-pending SaaS-based Product 1st (outcome-focused) learning model, we aim to nurture the hidden talent of children, inspire interest in STEAM and Entrepreneurship, and help make them ready for college admission and future of workforce.
Our Ambition

In five years, we hope to be at: Revenue: $30M+ 250+ employees globally 15,000 students 500-1000 new products launched by our students trained for own businesses B2B - Serving our teaching methodology to many after schools, charter schools, private schools, with a possible franchisee model. Stretch Goal: We will have a database on student learning pattern, able to guide them for college, reduce drop-off rate. These projections cannot be guaranteed.