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Mezclado Sauce Company on Honeycomb
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Mezclado Sauce Company

Eric Corbin is taking ‘Mezclado Sauce’ to the next level!
Investment type:
(60 months 14.0%)
Target raise:
 - $3,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
May 03, 2023
Bottled in Pittsburgh, Mezclado Pepper Sauce produces inventive hot sauces and sources fresh chili peppers from farms in Puerto Rico!
Our Story

Mezclado Sauce Company is a producer and distributor of hot sauce under the brand ‘Mezclado Pepper Sauce’. Mezclado Pepper Sauce is an all-natural, Caribbean-inspired hot pepper sauce that’s been naturally fermented and blended with barrel-aged pineapple vinegar and herbs. Mezclado Sauce Company’s primary market is retailers and food establishments that wish to concoct recipes using the sauce, provide the sauce as a condiment, or resale the sauce as a stand-alone product.
Our Ambition

The funds raised in this offering will help Eric form an LLC and obtain proper FDA licensing. These funds will also help Eric transition from a shared commercial kitchen to an FDA-certified manufacturer, which lowers production costs. A commercial kitchen will also increase efficiency by giving Eric more time to expand the product line with innovative, delicious, Caribbean-inspired spices, sauces, and salsa. Mezclado Sauce Company intends to refresh all of their marketing and branding efforts as well. This includes a redesigned website, new labels, packaging, and retail displays. Eric also wants to run targeted marketing campaigns which will include print, social media, and sponsored promotions.