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MexiBoricua Restaurant LLC on Kiva
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MexiBoricua Restaurant LLC

Orlando: "This funding helps a restaurant owner to buy new equipment to offer a better service!"
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Mar 10, 2023
Last summer, I was presented with the opportunity that I always wanted to open my restaurant. The establishment is in the north area of Milwaukee, at 76TH AND Bradley Street. It is in an industrial area with excellent sales potential since there is a great diversity of cultures. Restaurants similar to mine are approximately 30 minutes away. This restaurant will stand out among the others because customers can enjoy Puerto Rican and Mexican cuisine together in a single restaurant in Milwaukee. It will be a success because I have the support of my community. I am applying for a Kiva loan because, more than a loan, you will be supporting a dreamer who achieves everything he proposes with much sacrifice and effort; I have always been a positive person. I aim to continue growing as an entrepreneur, learning and advancing as the years go by. I will start this incredible dream and then continue fulfilling the goals I have set for myself, to bring the food of the jibarito (a person from the countryside) to his community. By this means, I thank you for considering my application to fulfill the dreams I have had since I was young. Thank you for this great opportunity. Check us out on Instagram! @mexiboricua_