Metaiye Knights

Changing Storytelling Through Blockchain
New York, 
Investment type:
(Common Stock)
Target raise:
 - $107,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Jan 22, 2020
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Metaiye Knights is a graphic novel and gaming saga on the rise of a decentralized freedom movement across digital and physical realms. Think the Matrix, meets Tron meets Mr Robot in comic, gaming and film formats for the mixed reality, crypto generation.
Our Story

Blockchain is confusing. We want to make it easy and excitingWe believe traditional media has become flat and unable to attract young audiences. Current blockbusters like Fortnite or Marvel Heroes are closed systems where the value created by players is locked into the publishers platform. If the game is discontinued or users move on to new games this value is lost and cannot be transferred to new platforms. This reduces the potential value of assets created in these closed systems. The same is true with other digital collectibles.Using blockchain to improve storytellingMetaiye Knights teaches users how and why to utilize blockchain in a compelling manner, in a saga based on the evolution of the decentralized web. Starting as a graphic novel, our story evolves into an open gaming platform that will ultimately culminate as a TV or film series -- it tells the story of the rise of a decentralized society and is published using decentralized money and collectibles. Users will be able to create assets that persist like personal avatars and digital collectibles, which they will be able to keep and use in other environments regardless of what happens with the platform, which will make them more valuable and collectible with time. It will use VR and AR to create new reading and gaming experiences and use blockchain to pioneer new distribution, payment and rewards models.