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Masani Breakfast Bar

Aareille: "This funding helps An Army Veteran owned restaurant maintains operation costs."
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Sep 27, 2022
Masani Breakfast Bar is a family business that caters to our community. We are located in Atlanta, Ga. We are one of the restaurants that are underneath Cloud Kitchens. Many restaurants were forced to shut down at the start of Covid-19 and the shutdown. However, Cloud Kitchens became popular, considering it a restaurant only for pick up, carry out, or delivery. At the start of deciding to open a restaurant, one of the most challenging decisions I had to make was finding a location. As I was searching my local neighborhood and farther, I realized how costly it was for a brick & mortar. I received an email from a young lady who suggested an idea about being a part of Cloud Kitchen, where a space (kitchen) is already available, so that takes care of location; they also handle marketing and provide solutions for issues that may occur. After looking at a potential kitchen space and seeing other restaurants fulfilling orders, I decided that this was the best place to be. I signed the lease and started Masani Breakfast Bar, named after my mother.