Enabled AI to detect injuries and medical vitals in assisting urgent care needs
Investment type:
Target raise:
 - $1,070,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Apr 03, 2021

  • Enhanced by machine learning, together with artificial intelligence, to help in all medical situations
  • An industry first medical diagnostics application with USA, EU, China provisional Patents secured.
  • Key automotive safety suppliers and hospitals are first to provide intent and usability of patent.
Our Story

Imagine watching the movie Star Trek and you see one of the officers use a device to receive vital signs of an injured person or a person who has fallen down. The information from the device can help save precious time in a emergency, and will help doctors receive in a patient from a firefighter or paramedic. This is what MARUX® is capable of doing but it can be used from a mobile phone, tablet or any smartphone device; with visual data captured from a basic video camera.
Our Ambition

We would like to see MARUX®, as the default interface application, for all emergency medical responders (EMR) emergency medical systems (EMS) and all emergency hospital rooms. We would also like to see MARUX® available in every new and existing mode of transportation, available in every home, senior living centers and other facilities where monitoring the health/well-being of people are vitally important.