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Campaign #2! Mike is expanding his ecological restoration work!
Investment type:
(60 months at 7.5% interest)
Target raise:
 - $107,234
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Jan 12, 2022

Diverted 10’s of millions of gallons of water from combined sewer per year through projects.

Our Story

Campaign #2! Mike is expanding his ecological restoration work!Perch Point will be the new base of operations for Marek Landscaping's studio, shop, yard, and docks. Marek designs and builds ecological landscapes and ensures that they reach their full potential through our monitoring, research, and stewardship work.We are a team of scientists, designers, and contractors working in collaboration with a network of engineers, scientists, artists, artisans, and community leaders to bring the highest performance ecological systems online in landscapes specifically designed to regenerate and celebrate intact natural systems teeming with life. We work in natural areas, parks, trails, and waterfronts, for municipal, agency, tribal, non for profit, educational, commercial, and residential clients. We offer comprehensive land management and design services in a mix of digital and hand-drawn formats. We work in natural, locally, and sustainably collected materials (mainly stone and wood) to construct landscape systems that integrate stormwater infrastructure, soil management, and planting plans that use the native plants best-suited site with the most diversity feasible, for the broadest ecological benefit. Ecological engineering, biomimicry, and biotechnical stabilization are hidden intricacies of the work. We build these landscapes with a combination of our own ecological artisans and subcontractors.
Our Ambition

Perch Point will utilize the funds toward a down payment of $450,000 on a construction loan ($3M) for Marek's new base of operations on Milwaukee's outer harbor. We will construct a 2,000 square foot design studio, an outdoor display courtyard, a 10,000 square foot assembly shop and warehouse, and a 1/2 acre outdoor material processing, staging, and equipment yard.