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Lulu’s Bakery Shop LLC on Kiva
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Lulu’s Bakery Shop LLC

Maria Go By Lourdes: "This funding helps me to expand my bakery which is my dream and obtain new pastry equipment."
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Dec 21, 2022
I started my Bakery at the commencement of Covid-19 I am originally from Jalisco, Mexico, and I have lived in Tacoma, WA, for 25 years. I worked as a property manager for 22 years. At the time, I had twins five years of age, and like most working families, we relied on daycare. Due to exposure and cases of Covid-19 at the daycare, they had to close the facilities. As a result, I had to bring my kids to work. Unfortunately, management did not allow it. Therefore, I did not have another choice but to quit my job. Knowing that one paycheck would not be enough to support our family of 6, I decided to apply what I learned back in Mexico: baking. I decided to get my business license and go for it! I did so for a year, and my clientele began to grow. Then I asked my husband if he could help me fix the garage and turn it into a shop. Now I have my little shop where I can meet my clients and take their orders instead of my house. Lulu's Bakery Shop is a small business providing the community delicious cakes, pastries, and desserts. Most of them are original Mexican recipes rich in Hispanic flavors from many generations. Most of my clientele is from the Latino community, but I am now expanding to serve my diverse clientele. Thanks to the community's interest and diverse palate, many doors have been opened for lulu's bakery.