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Lost Spirits Distillery

Meet the "Willy Wonka" of Booze. - Playboy Magazine.
Los Angeles, 
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May 09, 2021

  • Pre-COVID shutdown: Tracking $4.5 million in revenue from the LA distillery for 2020
  • Pre-COVID shutdown: 1200% growth over 3 years based on pre-COVID tracking revenue over 2017 revenue
  • Millions in funding for the new Las Vegas expansion *Signed contract with a major developer @ AREA15
Our Story

Lost Spirits is a world renowned distillery that also houses an elaborate tour business and fine dining experience.  We sell tickets to visit the distillery.  We sell tickets to the restaurant experience.  And of course, we sell bottles of award winning whisky and rum both to tour guests and wholesale.

Our Ambition

Today, (pre-COVID) Lost Spirits produces a highly successful blend of entertainment & science with a whisky & rum company.  That unique mixture of content has captivated the public imagination in a way no spirits company operating today has.  As we open more facilities in compliment to our perpetually sold out LA tours, our spirits business will gradually grow into a multibillion dollar operation.