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We're Re-Uniting families by making memories easy to share & view. $2M+ in sales
San Francisco, 
Investment type:
Target raise:
 - $579,265
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Oct 28, 2023

  • ?? $2M+ revenue to date.
  • ?? 4 million photos and videos shared through the Loop app.
  • ?? Backed by Silicon Valley’s Elite: Jason Calacanis; former President of Pinterest; COO at Discord.
  • ?? Venture Backed: Resolute Ventures, Moai Capital, Wisdom, Launch Fund
Our Story

Loop is on a mission to reunite the American family by making memories simple and easy to share. Our platform enables family members to post photos and videos through current methods then Loop's platform privately stores the content and distributes it to all family members' phones, digital frames, and other viewing methods. Keeping everyone in the family in the loop :)
Our Ambition

Loop will connect over 1 million families with over 1 billion photos and videos stored on our platform. We will users signed up to our $10/month subscription achieving over $100M in annual revenue.