Loons Landing Brewery on Honeycomb
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Loons Landing Brewery

Investment type:
(10.25% 60 months)
Target raise:
 - $250,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Jun 27, 2022
Loons Landing is opening its first taproom! Loons Landing is a new brewery coming to Savage, MN. In opening its first taproom, the brewery is looking to provide an experience that allows people to taste world-class, award-winning beer recipes without leaving their hometown in the South Metro area. The business's primary goal is to provide a place for customers to relax, have fun, and gather as a community while providing high quality malt beverage products located on-site.Over the past two years, the service industry has seen a major decline in revenue, forcing a lot of locations to close. Many folks' favorite places to hang out are now non-existent, or have gone through an existential change. Loons Landing wants to bring a place for that community discussion and fellowship back through a business model focused on the creation and sales of beer.Further, the brewery intends to be innovate with the customer experience. The business seeks to provide an environment where patrons forget they're in the Twin Cities at a brewery and not on a lakeshore somewhere with their closest friends. Loons Landing is excited to be apart of the greater community of craft breweries in Minnesota.
Our Ambition

The capital raised will help Loons Landing finalize construction and the taproom build out. The brewery seeks to provide a high quality experience for its customers. Loons Landing will have VIP rooms equipped with conference tables and business equipment for local companies to host off-site meetings, offer device charging ports around the brewery so that patrons may take advantage of the brewery's free high-speed internet, as well as acoustic padding in the taproom to make the noise level pleasant and comfortable. Finally, Loons Landing plans to build a back patio where patrons can enjoy beers with good company. The funds raised will go to support these projects.