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Leather Brut

Jong Sung: "This funding helps create video and DIY kits so that many people can easily enjoy leather crafts and create a job."
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Nov 24, 2022
I run a leather workshop in Texas and have previously taught leather craft classes to others. However, due to Covid-19, classes had to be stopped, and my business made a profit by creating and selling products. I did my best to make high-quality leather crafts with high-quality leather, and I am still running my business because of that. Even now, I have always wanted to let others know the joy of leather crafting, and I've been thinking a lot about it. For this, I will make a product by dividing the difficulty level. We will cut all the leather so consumers can make it easier and sell all the necessary materials as a kit. I'll make a video detailing how to make it, so it's easy to follow. I have all the knowledge and experience to make these, and just for these, all I need is time and resources. The time I need will be created by hiring people, and the funds will be used for hiring costs and purchasing equipment and materials.