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Korion Health on Honeycomb
Health & Wellness
People of Color

Korion Health

Korion is developing the first guided, at-home electronic stethoscope!
Investment type:
Target raise:
 - $250,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Jun 24, 2023
The founder, Anna Li, is a queer, Asian-American MD PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University with an interest in emergency medicine and computational biology. She received a full-ride merit fellowship to cover medical school tuition, and she is also a 2023 Paul and Daisy Soros Fellow, an extremely competitive fellowship awarded every year to 30 first-generation Americans who are most poised to make the biggest impact on the world.
Our Story

Heart disease is the number one killer of death, however it is 80% preventable through early screenings and interventions. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans face barriers to making it to in-person clinic visits, whether that’s due to logistical barriers like time, finding childcare, language, psychological barriers like trauma, or a pandemic. In fact, while Telemedicine rose 73X during the coronavirus pandemic, doctors are still unable to reach through a computer screen and listen to someone’s heart and lungs. As a result, life expectancy in the US hit a 20-year low, in large part due to the lack of preventative health screenings.
Our Ambition

Korion Health incorporated in June 2022 and funding thus far has come from grants and investments from the University of Pittsburgh and community organizations. Funds have gone into development of Korion’s electronic stethoscope prototype, customer discovery surveys, and regulatory pathway assessment. Korion Health has now established partnerships with local Pittsburgh-based design and manufacturing firms to get to the point of design freeze and FDA approval; they are now raising their seed round of $1M, $250k of which we hope to raise through Honeycomb. This will finance development of our product, pilot testing, and FDA approval. By focusing efforts on crowdfunding rather than taking VC money, Korion Health will be able to align incentives to create an ultra-patient-centered approach to making healthcare more accessible.