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Kolyde on Kiva
Black-ownedPeople of Color


Vincent: "This funding helps A Black-owned tech company launch an inclusive social media app that changes how we all use the internet."
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Oct 11, 2022
I came up with the idea of Kolyde in 2018 when I was scrolling on social media and was saddened by the way people interacted when engaging about complex topics. Kolyde is an educational social media debate tool, with inclusion in mind! My goal has always been to strive for everyone to feel included, safe, and happy! It has been a belief of mine that every person and opinion is valuable, and everyone should be free to voice their opinions and have a respectful, listening audience. I have made it a priority to provide the world with a structured social media platform that encourages civil discourse. I chose an online platform as a way to operate my business because social media is a primary way for people to engage with one another. I have created a space where we can all be heard and respected. More conversations, fewer arguments. Incorporating Kolyde into the University system allows for the classrooms and professors to promote this energy not only to the classroom but to the workplace, the community, and the lives of friends and family.