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By combining advanced data science, cutting-edge technology, and real entertainment industry experience, Katch is solving the fundamental problems gripping the content ecosystem today: how to understand audience taste, curate impactful content, and deliver the most incredible experience to viewers.
Investment type:
(Common Stock)
Target raise:
 - $249,400
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Feb 07, 2022
Our Story

Hollywood is in trouble: too many new choices in movies, series, and streaming platforms have consumers frustrated deciding what to watch. Meanwhile, the very same streaming services are desperately competing for subscribers, with new platforms emerging each week. Billions are spent, and sometimes wasted, every year producing and marketing ever more content. And as the stakes go up, originality diminishes. How many more reboots and sequels will it take before people have had enough?While the fight for eyeballs and attention has never been more competitive, Hollywood remains unable to capitalize on actionable, data driven insights. Entertainment companies are forced to make decisions based on historical precedent rather than real time, authentic audience demand.
Our Ambition

The legacy system of Hollywood needs a new way of understanding and analyzing content–an empirical, objective way of organizing itself. Enter the Katch Media Genome, an advanced language that captures the unique, personalized reasons why we like what we like. Designed by Dr. Nolan Gasser, the genome is the foundation of Katch’s analytics and recommendation technology.