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Karma Accounting & Tax Service Ltd on Kiva

Karma Accounting & Tax Service Ltd

Tracy: "This funding helps an Accounting firm based in Leavittsburg, Ohio purchase tax software needed for upcoming season."
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Mar 03, 2023
My business is Karma Accounting & Tax Service, Ltd (soon to become just Karma to incorporate all the different services we offer). I provide Accounting/Bookkeeping services, Tax Preparation, Logo Design, Branding, Website Design, and Tax Planning services. My client base is Nationwide, as I perform all these services remotely without a physical location. I started Karma in July of 2021 after realizing how much money others were making off of my skills and seeing that the way that some people treated clients was not exactly what I considered ideal. I decided that I wanted to reap the benefits of my work, make my hours so I could still care for my family, and have my own set of standards for how all aspects of any project my name was on were performed. I didn't like signing my name to or having my name associated with a place that didn't treat clients as people or was overcharged entirely for services. I wanted to make my prices and work with people who needed the service but weren't in a position to pay high fees for it. Owning Karma, I get to do the things that I love daily (art, Math, and helping others), so work doesn't even seem like work. Right now, I do everything on my own, but I can see big growth for Karma in the future just based on client satisfaction and fair prices. Within the next three years, I expect to hire a couple of Accountants and Designers to join Karma and me on our journey.