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Kaboodle is THE social media platform for pets and their parents
San Mateo, 
Investment type:
(Convertible Note)
Target raise:
 - $1,070,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
May 01, 2022

  • is a fully developed site and ready to launch Q1, 2021
  • The pet space is over $80B annually and is historically recession proof as was shown in the 2008 recession growing 5.4%
  • Kaboodle offers an affordable local advertising platform for the underserved local pet services provider
  • Pet people are among the MOST passionate in any market and spare almost no expense for their animals
Our Story

Kaboodle is THE central hub for pets and their parents. We offer everything related to pets in one convenient site on both the web/computers and on mobile devices. Finally there is a social mead site built specifically for pets and their parents.
Our Ambition

We expect to be the "Facebook" for pet owners as the go to site for everything related to pets. We want to have penetrated pet households in the US by at least 20% of the market. We also intend to expand into international markets in years 3 and 4. We believe we can be self-funding by the end of year 2 and not have to access any further financing and thus not dilute our investors.