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JCC Design Bar LLC on Kiva
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JCC Design Bar LLC

Janasia: "This funding helps expand my business by acquiring inventory & equipment so that I can be a full time entrepreneur."
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Mar 10, 2023
I am the owner of JCC Design Bar LLC. It operates out of Norwalk, CT. I can customize various items, whether a backpack for back-to-school for your children, favors for a wedding, or everything in between! I can do it all. Along with the customizing option, I have a personal line of creations that I sell that range from home décor to office supplies and apparel. I decided to start this business in July 2020 and have yet to look back. I wanted to use my creative expression to make a difference. I also wanted to show my daughters that being a successful woman in America is possible, and if you want something wrong enough, you can have it! Almost three years later, here I am, and my business has been a fantastic service to many and keeps them coming back for more.