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James Bay Distillers

We distill and produce world-class gold-medal award-winning whiskies and gins
Investment type:
(Priced Round)
Target raise:
 - $249,980
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Mar 19, 2021

  • Our Galloping Goose Canadian whisky is a popular double-gold and 4x gold-medal award winner
  • Our sales are increasing month on month, and year-on-year growth is over 200%
  • We have raised $747,000 with 19 accredited and sophisticated investors under SEC’s Reg D 506(b)
  • Our gold-medal Summer Gin No. 5 rates higher than national brands from Chicago, Virginia and the UK
Our Story

We produce super-premium whiskies and gins, all with gold-, silver- and other awards. All are sipping spirits, perfect neat or over ice - not requiring a mixer. We are expanding wholesale accounts, online sales and export opportunities in 7 countries. We are the only craft distillery to also operate a US-based free-trade zone to benefit from both US and Canadian spirits regulations. We are also the only craft distillery with UK permits to import, blend and bottle our own Scotch releases.
Our Ambition

We hope to reach 50,000 cases of production, and plan for acquisition by a major spirits firm to allow an early exit for investors at an expected 10x return. Industry averages for acquisition of craft spirits firms show an 8.7x multiple of final year revenue. Our Year 5 estimate for gross revenue is $15M, and so we anticipate to sell at our about $90M. We are influenced by venture cap experts and plan for a single raise with no dilution of investor shares. These projections cannot be guaranteed.