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It’s My Party – Mobile Spa Parties LLC

Silene: "This funding helps expand our mobile spa business and do some collaborations with local girl empowerment groups."
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Oct 14, 2022
We began hosting mobile spa parties in 2010 so the participants could receive all-natural services in a safe, non-judgmental environment. We have now grown to offer more than spa parties but other mobile events such as Movie Nights, including the rental of our dome tent and backyard Camping/Glamping parties. Being a mom of a child with allergies and breathing issues and a mom of a child with autism, we must provide events many children may not experience due to health concerns. Our focus is to offer a variety of mobile parties for children, focusing on a safe and healthy environment no matter the circumstance. Parents do not need to worry about being in a location over which they have no control or where it is overcrowded. This is more important now than ever before in light of the pandemic. We bring all that is needed to the client and take it back when we are done. It's a win, win!