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IntriEnergy on StartEngine
Green Tech


Changing the Solar Equation
Investment type:
Target raise:
 - $1,070,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Apr 19, 2022
Our Story

IntriEnergy is a climate technology company that is poised to disrupt the $150 billion solar industry. Our team has developed and patented an innovative solar cell solution that produces 60% more energy and 2x reductions in CO2 emissions, compared to current best-in-class solar cells. IntriEnergy’s solar breakthrough has the potential to accelerate climate change targets and produce the lowest cost of electricity generation. IntriEnergy is Changing the Solar Equation.
Our Ambition

We believe our licensing model may benefit participants across the entire solar industry:  Large solar projects will enjoy 60% greater energy production and revenues utilizing the same land area and same size and number of solar panels, while accelerating their net zero targets.Homeowners and commercial building owners are typically located in urban environments, where land and space is at a premium.  IntriEnergy’s energy density will allow the maximum power output using fewer panels.Solar farm project developers and system engineers specifying IntriEnergy powered panels will provide their customers a more attractive, cost-competitive project proposal that increases bankability, and provides a better return on investment while accelerating net zero targets by drastically reducing CO2 emissions. Manufacturers Manufacturers who license IntriEnergy’stechnologies will increase their manufacturing efficiencies up to 25%.We believe IntriEnergy's technology platform provides the existing solar industry the one of the world's first high-power, cost-competitive PV solar cell with the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions worldwide.