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International Commission of Urban Entrepreneurs on Kiva
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International Commission of Urban Entrepreneurs

Rondell: "This funding helps a Seeds for Success Program designed to help young adults overcome poverty and become prosperous."
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Feb 20, 2024
Although I started I.C.U.E. in theory and used the fundamental principles to test it, I thought it well to share the information with inner city youth and individuals who live the cycles of poverty. I have used my funds to finance the program and used grassroots word of mouth marketing by going to youth centers and where inner city youth frequent to share the program. I have personally purchased back-to-school supplies for youth, and provided funds for food, clothing, transportation, and those immediate needs to address the barriers that would hinder them from learning and making the mindset change necessary to embrace the need to break cycles of poverty. The motivation that compels me is wanting to see the city of Rochester's youth seek and utilize principles that will create an understanding of financial freedom and empowerment through learning how to invest in themselves and utilize my program to help them earn money through learning skills for job readiness, placement, and financial education. I opened my office at 250 Mill Street, suite 110, and have committed to and hold free classes every Saturday from 1-2 pm. We provide transportation to and from and have also assisted individuals in gaining employment. The marketing and creating partnerships begin with me. I have knocked on the doors of well-known agencies to create partnerships to expand and assist in this endeavor. I.C.U.E. has been highlighted on Channel 8 News based on my commitment to see my agency prosper to help those who are ready to make changes. Being a product of the poverty faced in Rochester and other cities alike, I want to help in the much-needed process of helping make changes in our city. Learn more!: @rondellbreedlove