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Impact Financial Insurance

Mike: "This funding helps our business IMPACT the future employee lives, families, and small businesses we serve."
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Jul 26, 2022
Impact Financial Insurance (IMPACT) is registered as an insurance agency and broker that offers a complete range of insurance products and services online throughout the United States since 2017. At IMPACT, we have a focus to respond to the ever-changing personal and business insurance needs. Our goal is to do this by listening to our existing and potential clients, advising on how to reduce risk long-term, and helping prepare for life’s changes through adequate planning. IMPACT has forged key strategic partnerships with over 100 vital insurance carriers to provide the best level of service at an affordable price. By doing this, we are soundly poised to be a one-stop place to shop for all insurance needs saving time and money while successfully securing and protecting individuals, families, and/or their businesses. We understand people's time and money are valuable. Our real-time quoting tools and software will greatly reduce the time spent on getting the information needed to make important decisions for them personally or for their business. I'm trained to conduct a needs analysis to make sure the proper product and service meet the right needs at an affordable cost. By this, we can provide tailor-made products to meet the requirement of all clients ranging from private individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs, and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to large organizations in all sectors. Small business owners are a large portion of the backbone of this great country. I have pledged a duty to help them become and stay relevant in their respective industries by supplying meaningful employee benefits to help them retain great their employees.