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Hunny Bunny's Confections on Honeycomb
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Hunny Bunny’s Confections

Jackie is building out her bright-pink mobile bakery!
Investment type:
( )
Target raise:
 - $50,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Apr 10, 2022

Winner of the 2021 Bounce Hubs Life A Pitch competition.

Our Story

Hunny Bunny was an endearing nickname that my mom called all of my friends. My mom had a special way of saying it, that no matter who she was talking to, she always managed to make them to smile. In 2013 my mom passed away from cancer. To keep her spirit alive, I named my business Hunny Bunnys so that I could continue where she left off, putting smiles on the faces of everyone that I meet. The Hunny Bunnys' customer appreciates the fresh and unique experience that we bring to the cupcake industry. Hunny Bunny's push pop offer an experience unlike any other. Push Pops, or as we like to call them "strolling cupcakes" gives our customer a trendy, cutting edge way to consume sweets that are touch-less. By creating a new niche in the overly saturated cupcake industry, Hunny Bunny's has given cupcake enthusiasts mess free, premium, high quality flavors that they crave. No paper to unwrap, no crumbs, no wandering frosting, and absolutely no forks and tables required. Our competitive edge is our unique niche in a saturated market. Although restaurants, cafes, bakeries, ice cream shops, etc have an established position in the marketplace, none are quite like Hunny Bunny's Confections. Each push pop is made completely from scratch and in small batches to ensure quality. From the decadent salted caramel, to the light and airy whipped cream, to the rich full bodied moist chocolate cake all in asked in a mess-free, trendy, unique, touch-less container.
Our Ambition

Visually my food trailer stands out from every other food trailer or truck. It is a pink tiny house on wheels. Outfitting my tiny house will allow me to reach more customers, travel to more locations, and take on larger events. Right now I typically sell out within the first few hours. Not only is the trailer super photogenic, (because who wouldn’t want to to take a selfie with the cute pink tiny house), but it will allow me to sell my sticky buns and cookie hot out of the oven.