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Honduran Coffee Alliance on Kiva
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Honduran Coffee Alliance

Sean: "This funding helps us provide advances to Honduran coffee farmers so we can help them connect to specialty buyers."
Glen Ellyn, 
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Mar 08, 2023
I formed Honduran Coffee Alliance in 2018 after a roaster in Texas asked me if I knew any coffee farmers that could sell him coffee. I started to explore the world of coffee and I fell in love with the process and developed a passion for helping the farmers. Honduran Coffee Alliance works with coffee farmers to help them connect to buyers (mainly roasters but also some importers/distributors). Coffee farmers plant trees that give their first crop three years later. During harvest, they pick the coffee cherries, mechanically remove the cherry skin (pulp), ferment the coffee, then dry the coffee beans to 11% moisture. Our role is to work with farmers that work hard to produce high-quality coffee and offer their coffee to buyers and then manage the transport, export, and import process to get the coffee to the buyer. Javier Cruz, a Honduran and one of the partners in the Honduran Coffee Alliance, works closely with our producer partners to be able to offer their coffee to buyers while I engage with buyers from all over the world.