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Hieber's Pharmacy on Honeycomb
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Hieber’s Pharmacy

Rosemary is opening Pittsburgh's oldest pharmacy in the Strip District!
Investment type:
( )
Target raise:
 - $250,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
May 16, 2022

Pittsburgh’s oldest pharmacy, Hieber’s Pharmacy, is opening up in the Strip District, complete with a compounding lab and soda fountain!

Our Story

Hieber's Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy where we make sterile and non-sterile medications specific to our patient's needs. Our customers are literally everyone. We help babies, adolescents, adults, the elderly, pets and exotic animals. My goal is to broaden the knowledge of compounding and make it more accessible and affordable for the community. Most of the time, our patients come to us because we are the only pharmacy who can do what we do. I want to change this and ensure patients come to us to make their medication experience joyful rather than a mandatory expense. We accept insurance, however, much of compounding is an out-of-pocket expense for the patient. On the retail side, we are able to offer manufactured medications at extremely reasonable prices for individuals not using insurance for one reason or another. Because we are independent, I am usually the one determining the price you will pay! I base this price off of our overhead, drug cost, and day supply not the average wholesale pricing that large chains use. In order to keep up with compounding regulations, we must build the new lab or shut down. I am choosing to build the lab, create a truly historic experience by opening a soda fountain/milkshake counter and broadening our scope of practice. Hieber's is a solid company, we would survive a long time without this new location but I have a vision of being able to help the community and explain how they can take advantage of compounded medications. Bringing the pharmacy back to the Strip District and propelling Hieber's into a revitalized community is a dream come true! There are no convenient pharmacies near the Strip and certainly none that offer the scope of services we will. A pharmacy would go into the Strip no matter what, and why shouldn't it be Hieber's? We will bring the convenience of a traditional pharmacy to the neighborhood and offer compounding, vaccinations, consultations, a wide variety of nutritional supplements, and, of course, the soda fountain.
Our Ambition

The funding will go mainly toward the down payment of our new cleanrooms. The total project cost for just the compounding labs will be around $550k. I will be using $130K of the $250k for the 30% deposit. The front end of the pharmacy will require a deposit of approximately $50k. I will be spending $12k on the advertising/marketing company to prepare designs for our front windows, signage, and overall branding and then will spend about $10k of the proceeds on the actual production/installation of the signs and wall graphics. I will use $7,500 to complete the soda fountain purchase and the remaining $40.5k will be put toward the initial construction costs as they are required.