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HeartFoods Group, PBC

Transforming our food system by recycling food wastes to grow vegetables, greens, herbs and berries
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 - $2,000,000
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End date:
Apr 30, 2022

  • Fresh organic foods are grown year-round using recycled nutrients, carbon, water and energy from local food wastes
  • The upcycled food waste industry is worth over $50 billion (and climbing). $1 trillion worth of food is wasted per year.
  • Replicable worldwide community locations help achieve the goal of 5X business expansion every year
  • An agritech & cleantech precedent entering the global food market that generated over $8 trillion in revenue in 2020
Our Story

HeartFoods Community Farms designs, builds and supports the operations of food waste to food production in new or renovated buildings and properties in communities around the world. One ideal location includes setting up farming operations within food deserts to bring healthy fresh food and jobs to the local residents. HeartFoods Community Farms addresses all four parts of the world’s food system that must be transformed: production, processing, distribution and consumption.
Our Ambition

Heartfoods' objective is to roll out 10 farms the first year, 50 farms by year two, 250 by year three, and so on (5X growth per year). Each operating farm location will be it’s own profit center and legal entity. With this growth plan goal, by year 5, HeartFoods' is projected to have a cumulative revenue of over $1 billion.