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Happy Cows Group Share

Encouraging the community to buy and eat local, owner Diana is raising funds to expand her group share business to more families and vendors!
Seven Hills, 
Investment type:
(9.25% 60 months)
Target raise:
 - $75,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Jul 25, 2022
Diana is growing her local bulk grocery business! We support local farms by purchasing locally raised meat in large bulk and offering it to local customers in small affordable and manageable shares at a bulk price. We also offer retail cuts, as well as a large variety of locally made food products, and local produce. Our customers range from young singles to parents and families, to retired people. Customers support us because they love having affordable, consistent, and convenient access to locally made food, they often are looking for higher quality, healthier options and they like to support local. We specialize in what we call the "small share model," which means we offer that same bulk experience you would get if you purchased a side of beef, but instead you can just take 10 or 20 lbs at a time. We also offer customization of those shares and delivery as well as online ordering. This way, the shares are filled with what families will eat, at a price they can afford and at their pace. This way, what we do is sustainable for every family.
Our Ambition

With this project, we will have the capacity to grow our offerings and service exponentially, reaching more farms and small businesses to offer their products to more people on a consistent basis. This includes raising funds to support start-up costs ($16,000), inventory invoices ($4,000), a new freezer ($5,000), additional refrigeration ($10,000), a larger and a more diverse offering of inventory ($10,000), a larger space ($10,000), marketing of the additional offerings ($5,000), and a downpayment on a delivery vehicle ($15,000).