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People of Color


Angeleduardo: "This funding helps me to buy equipment for my business to meet increased demand."
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Aug 03, 2023
The bakery project was born because of all the training and knowledge I have acquired, which allows me to develop the idea of the business, apart from that the best-known bakeries in Madison offer their products for a specific public, such as sourdough bread. My company has a novel proposal with another version of the recipe for the traditional bread of the world, in a modern environment that offers a different way of eating bread, fusing the best of European and Caribbean culinary traditions. I want to offer the best in authentic Wisconsin-style bread, to surround people with an atmosphere that makes them feel welcome, where friends and family can gather for any occasion. My short and medium-term goals are to achieve the recognition of the community of Madison, for our excellent quality in product and service, for this we will make ourselves known through the different networks and social channels. Check us out on Instagram: