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Gabby Cares Transportation LLC on Kiva
Black-ownedPeople of Color

Gabby Cares Transportation LLC

Shelby: "This funding helps repair our service vehicles so we can transport medicine and research samples to and from hospitals."
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End date:
Apr 14, 2023
My company, Gabby Cares Transportation LLC, facilitates the transport of vital medicine, research samples, and human organs from hospitals and health care facilities and to the DIA airport to be flown all across the world. We also transport these items directly to patients when needed. I initially started the company in 2009 out of my home. I am looking to expand the business to serve a larger portion of the community. I now have three vehicles, however one needs repairs and I need to purchase a larger van to transport larger boxes and operate more efficiently. There is a growing need for this specific type of delivery service and the goal is to position Gabby Cares Delivery Services to get the largest share of the market as possible. This will also allow Gabby Cares to help other Kiva supported entrepreneurs achieve their business goals.