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Family Driving School LLC

Abigail: "This funding helps a Hispanic woman entrepreneur implement a fully bilingual online driver's course in English and Spanish."
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Mar 09, 2023
Family Driving School is a fully registered driving school located in Houston, Texas. Our mission is to help the growing number of Spanish speakers learn how to obtain their Texas driver's licenses. At Family Driving School, we understand how learning to drive can be a stressful process. Significantly when few will help you in your preferred language. We have a classroom location in Houston, and I am working to equip it with driving simulators. Hence, my students who have yet to gain experience or are very nervous have the opportunity to develop skills before going on the roads. Our bigger goal is to build enough business credit to expand our services to cities beyond Houston and offer our bilingual services to the entire state of Texas. To reach this goal, I am creating a bilingual online course. Through my research, I have discovered that Hispanic communities in San Antonio and Austin express a need for our service. As I expand my business, I will need to hire more certified bilingual instructors and purchase new, adequately equipped vehicles to offer more security and confidence to our customers. As the founder of Family Driving School, my commitment to the Hispanic community is to make sure they understand and learn the driving laws of our state of Texas without the stress of finding someone to translate for them. The ultimate goal of my business is to make our roads safer. One day, I also hope that Family Driving School can create a scholarship program so students in our community can continue their university studies.