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Jamilla: "This funding helps a minority woman and veteran-owned business hire more workers to better serve our clients."
Rocky Mount, 
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Dec 07, 2022
Eventful Expressions, LLC is a full-service event planning company that is responsible for organizing and managing every aspect of an event, according to the vision of the client. My duties include conceptualizing theme ideas, planning budgets, booking venues, liaising with suppliers and clients, managing logistics, and presenting post-event reports. In 2010, I celebrated my 35th birthday with a party, I executed myself, with family and friends in attendance. Everyone was amazed at the details of how everything came together so nicely. I had such fun during the planning process, I decided to combine all of my skills and education to start Eventful Expressions. Initially, I did not take into account how time-consuming planning each event was. I struggled with understanding how to accurately charge clients. I have since taken many continuing education classes on event planning and have a better understanding of identifying clients' requirements and expectations for each event. I am a great multitasker and pay impeccable attention to detail. In the future, I plan to be a fully staffed business of about 10-15 individuals that will assist in carrying out clients' requests and visions for special occasions, along with myself, in a more efficient way. I plan to operate on a daily basis with the ability to accommodate multiple events simultaneously. To do this, I will need to obtain additional resources to cover the costs of labor and the ability to make payroll on a regular basis.