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Food & Bev

Espanita Tequila Company

Fast growing craft tequila brand endorsed by Pitbull, Music Icon and superstar.
Investment type:
(Priced Round)
Target raise:
 - $5,000,000
Minimum investment:​
End date:
Dec 01, 2023

  • Partners with Grammy-winning artist and global superstar Pitbull.
  • Quick growth: sales tripled over the last 3 years. Achieved 42.1% increase in YTD sales.
  • Rapid expansion: launched in 2017, sold in 17 States and expanding to 7 additional States.
  • Sold in major liquor chains: Walmart, Publix Liquors, Total Wine, Binny’s, Liquor Barn, and ABC.
Our Story

Company is dedicated to marketing of Espanita Tequila, growing its distribution footprint and sales, and gaining market share. In this capacity, the Company handles all advertising campaigns, retail activations and other promotional efforts designed to elevate brand awareness among trade buyers and consumers. We also intend to build a sales organization with a goal of providing effective support to distributors’ sales organizations and productive collaboration for all brand building initiatives.
Our Ambition

One of our main five-year objectives is to expand Espanita’s distribution footprint to at least 33 States and make it available to consumers through most of the leading online stores in the US. The Company also explores the opportunities for international trade. We hope that growing distribution and sales will allow us to develop Espanita into an attractive potential acquisition target for a major liquor conglomerate looking for craft spirit brands with excellent growth potential.